Holding an open event where interested buyers from around the Bradenton Area and beyond can come check your place out is perhaps the best way to expose your place to potential buyers. Whipping it into shape and making it look its best should be the first thing on your mind. I’m talking about a lot more than just cleaning, too. You wouldn’t show up to a job interview without looking your best, would you? Same thing goes here. Want to know how to prepare for an open house? Here are 3 quick tips that can make your home sell.

Take down the curtains
Most real estate agents agree that light is the difference between making a sale and not making one. Why do you think magazines go to such lengths to shine the right light on the people posing for pictures? The best way to let the light flow into your home is by taking the curtains down. It gives prospective buyers a better view of the walls and windows, and allows them to paint a blank canvas in their minds of what the curtains will be. The best part, though, is all of the light that the windows let in.

Take down personal wall art

Your home is your castle and probably the one place you should hang all of your personal family photos and beloved works of art. The thing is that when you’re holding an open house, it’s because you’re trying to make it someone else’s castle. Having pictures of your family up everywhere makes it hard for a buyer to imagine themselves in it, and also clutters up the walls. Not only that but they might not like your taste in art or picture frame color. Depersonalize as much as possible. Want to take up the wall space that’s left over? Hang up a mirror! It’ll improve the look and the lighting too.

Use white colors when possible

Numerous studies have confirmed that people equate the color white with cleanliness in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. Hotels even use white in their bathrooms to denote a feeling of cleanliness. Whatever the reason, real estate agents recommend to white-out your place when possible. Preparing for an open house is as much about playing to your audience as it is sprucing up your home. Add white towels in both areas, replace fixtures if possible, and get white cups, utensil holders, and any other trinkets you can think of. Every bit counts.

Throughout all my years of doing real estate in Bradenton, I’ve found that the best way to see a big group of potential buyers is by holding an open house. Preparing for an open house is a bit harder than just cleaning up, though. You want your place to look as perfect and appealing as possible. Use these 3 quick tips and your place is sure to fly off the market!

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