4 Quick DIY Tips That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Looking to sell your home in Bradenton but don’t want to pay a ton of money to get it fixed up? Here are a few things you can DIY around the house to increase its sell value

Nothing gets a home off the market quicker than a trendy new look and major upgrades. The market can be pretty competitive down here, and when you put in the time and effort to upgrade your house, people take notice. But there isn’t always enough money to go around. That’s where rolling your sleeves up and getting your hands a bit dirty could really help you out. The problem is that most people think DIY’ing something is too hard or takes too much effort. That’s just not true. Here are 4 quick DIY tips that will increase your homes value immediately.

Hang your curtains closer to the ceiling to increase your home’s value

What? How could this possibly help? Think about it! If you hang your curtains higher up toward the ceiling, it gives the illusion that your windows are actually bigger than they really are. This will give off a much more imposing feel when people see them, and make prospective buyers think more of the interior. It’s a long-used interior decorator’s secret.

Add molding to the top of your cabinets

Want a great DIY tip that will increase your home’s value? Add some crown molding to the top of your cabinets? It’s quick, affordable, and not very hard at all. The result will be beautiful accented cabinets. The right paint job could really bring out the contrast and make the home look beautiful. On top of that you’ll have extra storage to put some of your little-used kitchen ware.

Tutorial here

Frame your flat screen with molding trim

You know that beautiful flat-screen TV hanging on the wall in the living room? Imagine how beautiful it would look encased in mold trimming painted to match! Just get some mold trimming, make a box around the TV and voila! The possibilities with it are endless, and it’s much easier than you might think.
Tutorial here

Paint old air vents

You know those unsightly air vents that look like rusted steel? They don’t necessarily take away from a room’s appearance since they are normally covered by furniture, but if you don’t have them covered up, they can be a bit unsightly. That would all change if you spray painted them a chic new color! If you’ve got wooden floors, then try dark green to give a forest feel or black to be more film noir. It’ll transform your living room’s look instantly.

Upgrading your home’s interior doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You could do a lot of it yourself. Use these 4 quick DIY tips to upgrade your home’s value instantly, and you’ll see plenty more people complimenting the interior when they visit. Stay tuned for more great tips from my Bradenton, Florida real estate blog.