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Have You Ever Seen a Housing Market Like This? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

Whether you’re buying or selling – today’s…
September 17, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Is the Number of Homes for Sale Finally Growing?

An important metric in today’s residential real estate market…
September 16, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

5 Tips for Making Your Best Offer

In today’s sellers’ market, standing out as a buyer is…
September 15, 2021/by Mark Boehmig
Lake Club

Lake Club Market Update September 2021

With low inventory creating unusually high market demand, the…
September 10, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Your Agent Is Key When Pricing Your House [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

Pricing your house right takes market experience…
September 3, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

5 Reasons Today’s Housing Market Is Anything but Normal

There are many headlines out there that claim we’re reverting…
September 2, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

What You Can Do Right Now To Prepare for Homeownership

As rent prices continue to soar, many renters want to know…
September 1, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Options for First-Time Homebuyers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

With a housing market this competitive, sometimes…
August 20, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

More Young People Are Buying Homes

There’s a common misconception that younger generations aren’t…
August 19, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Real Estate: It’s Still a Lack of Supply, Not a Lack of Demand

One of the major questions real estate experts are asking today…
August 18, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

What Does Being in a Sellers’ Market Mean?

Whether or not you’ve been following the real estate industry…
August 17, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

A Look at Home Price Appreciation and What It Means for Sellers

When you hear the phrase home price appreciation, what does…
August 16, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Sellers Are in a Sweet Spot [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

In today’s sellers’ market, you’re…
August 13, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Waiting To Buy a Home Could Cost You [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

If you’re thinking of buying a home but…
July 30, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Home Sellers: There Is an Extra Way To Welcome Home Our Veterans

Some veterans are finding it difficult to obtain a home in…
July 29, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

4 Reasons Why the End of Forbearance Will Not Lead to a Wave of Foreclosures

With forbearance plans about to come to an end, many are concerned…
July 28, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Experts Agree: Options Are Improving for Buyers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

Buyers hoping for more homes to choose from…
July 16, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Diving Deep into Today’s Biggest Buyer Concerns

Last week, Fannie Mae released their Home Purchase Sentiment…
July 15, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Housing Supply Is Rising. What Does That Mean for You?

An important factor in today’s market is the number of homes…
July 14, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Happy Independence Day!

Wishing you a happy and safe Independence Day.
July 2, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Are We in a Housing Bubble? Experts Say No.

The question of whether the real estate market is a bubble…
July 1, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

What Do Experts See on the Horizon for the Second Half of the Year?

As we move into the latter half of the year, questions about…
June 30, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Pre-Approval Makes All the Difference When Buying a Home

You may have been told that it’s important to get pre-approved…
June 22, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

5 Things Homebuyers Need To Know When Making an Offer

When it comes to buying a house, you’re looking for the perfect…
June 21, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Owning a Home Has Distinct Financial Benefits Over Renting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

When you rent, you build your landlord’s…
June 18, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Lakeshore at Main St, Lakewood Ranch FL

Lakeshore at Main St, Lakewood Ranch's newest Condo Development

June 7, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Top Reasons To Own Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

June is National Homeownership Month, and…
June 4, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Dreaming of a Bigger Home? Why Not Buy It This Year?

Are you clamoring for extra rooms or a more functional floorplan…
June 3, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

What’s Motivating People To Move Right Now?

This year, Americans are moving for a variety of reasons. The…
June 2, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Don’t Forget to Budget for Closing Costs

When buying a home, it’s important to have a budget and make…
May 17, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

When It Comes To Selling a House, Your Time Is Money [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

Selling a house is no small task. If you…
May 14, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Your House Could Be the Oasis in an Inventory Desert

Homebuyers are flooding the housing market right now to take…
May 13, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

4 Big Incentives for Homeowners to Sell Now

The housing market keeps sailing along. The only headwind that…
May 4, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Americans Find the Nonfinancial Benefits of Homeownership Most Valuable

Homeownership is a foundational part of the American Dream.…
May 3, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Should I Buy Now or Wait? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

If you’re thinking that waiting a year…
April 30, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Is Home Price Appreciation Accelerating Again?

At the beginning of the year, industry forecasts called for…
April 29, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Patience Is the Key to Buying a Home This Year

The question many homebuyers are facing this year is, “Why…
April 28, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Why This Is a Great Year to Sell Your Vacation Home

As vaccines are administered and travel resumes, many of us…
April 15, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

93% of Americans Believe a Home Is a Better Investment Than Stocks

A recent Survey of Consumer Finances study released by the…
April 14, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Some Buyers Prefer Smaller Homes

Over the past year, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to…
April 13, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

4 Major Reasons Households in Forbearance Won’t Lose Their Homes to Foreclosure

There has been a lot of discussion as to what will happen once…
April 12, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

What Is the #1 Financial Benefit of Homeownership?

There are many financial and non-financial benefits of homeownership,…
March 16, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

How to Make a Winning Offer on a Home

Today’s homebuyers are faced with a strong sellers’ market,…
March 15, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

How to Be a Competitive Buyer in Today’s Housing Market [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

With so few houses for sale today, it’s…
March 12, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Will the Housing Market Bloom This Spring?

Spring is almost here, and many are wondering what it will…
March 11, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

6 Simple Graphs Proving This Is Nothing Like Last Time

Last March, many involved in the residential housing industry…
March 10, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

How Upset Should You Be about 3% Mortgage Rates?

Last Thursday, Freddie Mac announced that their 30-year fixed…
March 9, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

5 Reasons to Sell Your House This Spring

When selling a house, most homeowners hope for a quick and…
March 8, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

How to Prepare Your House for a Winning Sale This Spring [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

With so few homes available to buy today,…
March 5, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Is It a Good Time to Sell My House?

Last year, many homeowners thought twice about selling their…
March 4, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

How Smart Is It to Buy a Home Today?

Whether you’re buying your first home or selling your current…
March 3, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Home Prices: What Happened in 2020? What Will Happen This Year?

The real estate market was on fire during the second half of…
March 2, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

What Are the Benefits of a 20% Down Payment?

If you’re thinking of buying a home this year, you may be…
March 1, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

It’s a Sellers’ Market [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

Over the past year, homeowners have gained…
February 26, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Are There Going to Be More Homes to Buy This Year?

If you’re looking for a home to purchase right now and having…
February 25, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Where Have All the Houses Gone?

In today’s housing market, it seems harder than ever to find…
February 24, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

How Much Leverage Do Today’s House Sellers Have?

The housing market has been scorching hot over the last twelve…
February 24, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

The Reason Mortgage Rates Are Projected to Increase and What It Means for You

We’re currently experiencing historically low mortgage rates.…
February 23, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Home Mortgage Rates by Decade [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

Mortgage interest rates have dropped considerably…
February 19, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Will Low Mortgage Rates Continue through 2021?

With mortgage interest rates hitting record lows so many times…
February 18, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

3 Ways Home Equity Can Have a Major Impact on Your Life

There have been a lot of headlines reporting on how homeowner…
February 17, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Millennials: Is It Time to Buy a Bigger Home?

In today’s housing market, all eyes are on millennials. Not…
February 16, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

3 Ways You’ll Win When You Buy a Home This Year

There are so many great reasons to purchase a home, and over…
February 15, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Why It’s Easy to Fall in Love with Homeownership [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

Homeownership provides comfort, stability,…
February 12, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

47% of New Buyers Surprised by How Affordable Homes Are Today

Headlines matter. Right now, it’s hard to read about real…
February 11, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

The Luxury Market Is Attracting Buyers in 2021

As more people continue to identify their changing needs this…
February 10, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

3 Reasons We’re Definitely Not in a Housing Bubble

Home values appreciated by about ten percent in 2020, and they’re…
February 9, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

6 Foundational Benefits of Homeownership Today

Over the past year, our homes have become an integral part…
February 8, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Thinking about Building a New Home? Your Agent Is Critical. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

A real estate professional is an expert who…
February 5, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Why Owning a Home Is a Powerful Financial Decision

In today’s housing market, there are clear financial benefits…
February 4, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Do I Really Need a 20% Down Payment to Buy a Home?

Is the idea of saving for a down payment holding you back from…
February 3, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Want to Build Wealth? Buy a Home This Year.

Every year, households across the country make the decision…
February 2, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Turn to an Expert for the Best Advice, Not Perfect Advice

As we approach the anniversary of the hardships we’ve faced…
February 1, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Is Right Now the Right Time to Sell? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

If you’re on the fence about selling your…
January 29, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

What Record-Low Housing Inventory Means for You

The real estate market is expected to do very well in 2021,…
January 28, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

What Happens When Homeowners Leave Their Forbearance Plans?

According to the latest report from Black Knight, Inc., a well-respected…
January 27, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

What’s the Difference between an Appraisal and a Home Inspection?

If you’re planning to buy a home, an appraisal is an important…
January 26, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Why Moving May Be Just the Boost You Need

As we look back over the past year, we’ve certainly lived…
January 25, 2021/by Mark Boehmig

Thank You for All Your Support

December 28, 2020/by Ballen

Turning a House into a Happy Home

We talk a lot about why it makes financial sense to buy a…
December 28, 2020/by Ballen

Did You Outgrow Your Home in 2020?

It may seem hard to imagine that the home you’re in today…
December 28, 2020/by Ballen

The Difference a Year Makes for Homeownership

Over the past year, mortgage rates have fallen more than a…
December 22, 2020/by Ballen

Lakewood Ranch Florida New Home Buyers Guide

Below is the digital guide for Lakewood Ranch Florida.  All…
October 15, 2020/by Mark Boehmig

Lakewood Ranch Florida | 13 Reasons that make us #1

Did you know that Lakewood Ranch is the number one selling community…
August 19, 2020/by Mark Boehmig
Epoch Sarasota

Epoch Sarasota


EPOCH is downtown Sarasota’s most exceptional new…
February 8, 2020/by Mark Boehmig
Moderne Interior Design

Moderne Interior Design, Joan Greenfield

Joan Greenfield from Moderne Interior Design.

Moderne Interior…
February 6, 2020/by Mark Boehmig
888 BOTA

Condo on the Bay 888 BOTA 2019 real estate review

Condo on the Bay in downtown Sarasota is a centrally located…
January 20, 2020/by Mark Boehmig
Vue Sarasota Bay

Vue Sarasota 2019 Real Estate Review


Vue Sarasota is an 18 Story high rise in Downtown…
January 11, 2020/by Mark Boehmig

Shed a little light on it, Lyteworks

I love our community. Now I’m sharing my favorite…
November 28, 2019/by Mark Boehmig
Sarasota Public Art

Sarasota’s amazing public art

Sarasota's downtown art collection is growing.  With the installation…
November 23, 2019/by Mark Boehmig

You could go to Peru, but Inkawasi is much closer

With owners Jimmy and Reina Arias hailing from Peru, Inkawasi…
November 17, 2019/by Mark Boehmig
Fine wines on Main

Fine Wines are available in Lakewood Ranch

The #1 distributor of Juggernaut wine in Florida, Fine Wine…
November 16, 2019/by Mark Boehmig
10 year Treasury yield

Interest rates and their effect on the Manatee and Sarasota housing market

It's hard to believe that almost 1 year ago I was talking about…
November 10, 2019/by Mark Boehmig
Music on Main Lakewood Ranch FL

Live a cool and relaxed life in Lakewood Ranch

Spread over Manatee and Sarasota Counties in Florida is a master-planned…
November 9, 2019/by Mark Boehmig
Multiple Offers

4 options when you get multiple offers on your property.

A multiple offer situation arises when a seller receives competing…
November 6, 2019/by Mark Boehmig

Sarasota Fl condos for sale: Reasons Why People are Buying their Second Home Here

A vast majority of individuals looking for a place to buy their…
November 6, 2019/by Mark Boehmig
The Quay Site Paln

The Quay, contributing to The New Sarasota


The Quay in Sarasota is underway.  Helping to…
November 1, 2019/by Mark Boehmig
Main St in Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch Homes for Sale on the rise in 2019

Lakewood Ranch is a master planned community spread over both…
October 28, 2019/by Mark Boehmig
Longboat Key Condo

Longboat Key Condos for Sale: Live life King Size

Located in Sarasota and Manatee Counties of Florida is the coastal…
October 24, 2019/by Mark Boehmig

The Bay, Sarasota’s new Bayfront Area

The Bay has raised $8m in funding for the first phase of…
October 16, 2019/by Mark Boehmig
Sarasota Parking Meter

Pay to Park in Sarasota? It’s here, but not as bad as you might think…

Pay to park is now in Sarasota, so I thought I'd try it out…
October 14, 2019/by Mark Boehmig

Will a rise in interest rates slow housing sales?

Interest rates are still relatively low compared to the last…
December 25, 2018/by Mark Boehmig

How to Spot Real Estate Wiring Scams: don’t get conned when buying a home!

The sheer amount of money changing hands when buying a home means…
November 27, 2018/by Mark Boehmig

How to handle water damage in your Florida home or condo

Drowning in Problems Because of Water Damage?

They say that…
November 27, 2018/by Mark Boehmig

4 Quick DIY Tips That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Looking to sell your home in Bradenton but don’t want to pay…
November 27, 2018/by Mark Boehmig

DIY Tips That Instantly Add Value to Your Home(part 2)

Going DIY will make your home and your bank account worth more

November 27, 2018/by Mark Boehmig

How to Prepare for an Open House: 3 quick tips to make your home sell

Holding an open event where interested buyers from around the…
November 27, 2018/by Mark Boehmig

The Best Tips For Buying a Home in Florida (part 1!)

2016 has been an interesting year so far in real estate for Bradenton,…
November 27, 2018/by Mark Boehmig

Simple Home Buying Tips to Get You Started

Buying a home can be a scary process. It’s best to start with…
November 27, 2018/by Mark Boehmig

3 Reasons That NOW is a Great Time to Buy Real Estate

We all know how hard we work for our money, but there comes a…
November 27, 2018/by Mark Boehmig

3 Surprising Factors That Drastically Increase Home Value

When trying to sell your Bradenton home, there’s an awful lot…
November 27, 2018/by Mark Boehmig

What is Staging a Home and Why Does it Matter When Selling?

What is Staging a home and Why Does it Matter When Selling?

November 27, 2018/by Mark Boehmig