Sarasota’s amazing public art

Sarasota Public Art

Sarasota’s downtown art collection is growing.  With the installation of roundabouts at major intersections, it seems to be creating display points for grand works of art. Standing at 16 feet tall and 12 feet wide, it’s hard to miss the blue and orange statue that seems to have been erected overnight at the roundabout of Palm and Cocoanut avenues.

Jumping Fish

The placement of this sculpture below at Five Points, the intersection of Main Street, Pineapple Ave, and Central Ave, also has historical significance. In 1885 the Florida Mortgage and Banking Company platted Sarasota from the center of Five Points.  Rob Lorenson’s sculpture, Sarasota Deco, has graced the corner of Main Street and Central Avenue in downtown Sarasota, Florida since 2008. This stainless steel sculpture with water feature measures 16’ x 16’ x 5’ and is owned by the developer.

Sarasota Deco
Sarasota Deco

Since 1986, the City of Sarasota’s Community Redevelopment Plan requires, “Any property owner or developer who applies to the City for a Building Permit to construct or make improvements that exceed $250,000.00 in construction value… shall be required to make a public art contribution.” Depending on the value of the construction, the developer can choose to either make a contribution to the Public Art Fund or provide public art.

For a city map to see all the available public art displays, click here!